'Cool' isn't the word I would use to describe it

what would you look like with straight hair?


??????? Something like that.

Shindou, is your soul a Skullgirl

hey shindou this is a very important question who has the cutest butt of all the soccers

Happy halloween!! Are going to dress up Shindou-san? (you should go as Ibuki)


[going as ibuki is obviously just Too Scary]

What if Ibuki and you body swapped? O_O

ibukimunemasaaのコメント: Oi Shindou! Give back my uniform!

hi shindou san can you show us what you'll look like in shinsei inazuma japan keeper uniform www?

Something like this?

[a slightly belated thank you for 150 followers! sorry i’ve been so busy lately i’ll try really hard to draw more for you all (star) thanks again!]